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    Question Suggestions for Token Stash

    I wonder if it would be possible to offer discounts to users.

    It would work like this, every user that is registered in Token Stash would have an affiliate link in case he shares this link and someone enters the Token Stash by this link and buy tokens the user that he used the affiliate link gains discounts in the next tokens that he buy, this discount will increase as new users enter through the link and buying tokens.

    Another suggestion would also be the partnership, everyone who divulges the Token Stash on your site could gain 1 token for free with each purchase, for it to be partner it needs to have a certain amount of server.

    And a question would be with the prices could lower the value a little more or that would be the maximum you can leave.

    Regarding the value I ask, I even apologize for talking, I have seen other sites that offer this service, but a little cheaper.

    I have always enjoyed your service, but newness is always welcome.

    Thanks for the service offered so far.

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    Hi paulo_crash,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

    An affiliate program is a great idea. I'm currently working on a new site and some new features. I will work towards your request for an affiliate program while I'm unable to provide an ETA.

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