View Full Version : Tokens not working

LG | Shiro
02-03-2017, 07:01 AM

I haven't been able to use the tokens properly, they have been not acting as they should. Plugin is installed, and even when I enter it manually the server continues to fail to start. Will attempt to restart or start but will not go up, we have used another owners tokens and they had worked for the server. If I could please have this looked into or resolved that would be greatly appreciated.

Neuro Toxin
02-03-2017, 08:06 AM
Use your tokens from the 'View My Current Tokens'.

If you update autoexec.cfg with them and then install the latest plugin package you should be fine.

If not, post errors in your sourcemod logs folder including tokenstash.log

LG | Shiro
02-03-2017, 08:19 AM
I love you.