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28-01-2017, 10:23 PM
Hi I installed your plugin team logo manager and I uploaded the logo under 10mb 64x64 and is a png in my desktop I created a folder called econ then tournaments and then teams I put the logo into teams and then upload the whole file on my resource file on server. I deleted my folder from pc. I asked support if the server auto download onto fastdl they said yes whatever I put on server is on their fastdl server. Now when i go into a game and put lets say mp_teamlogo_2 "fntc" I see the logo but when I put mp_teamlogo_2 "spg" it doesnt show my cusotm logo I see just blurry backroung blank. I also get this error in my console when I join

Downloading http://arya.dathost.net/fastdl/csgo/588b3392cde5f524db21b3ad/resource/flash/econ/tournaments/teams/spg.png.bz2.

Error downloading http://arya.dathost.net/fastdl/csgo/588b3392cde5f524db21b3ad/resource/flash/econ/tournaments/teams/spg.png.bz2

Downloading http://arya.dathost.net/fastdl/csgo/588b3392cde5f524db21b3ad/resource/flash/econ/tournaments/teams/spg.png.

Error downloading http://arya.dathost.net/fastdl/csgo/588b3392cde5f524db21b3ad/resource/flash/econ/tournaments/teams/spg.png

WHat am I doing wrong...

28-01-2017, 11:57 PM
check your download link. it says "You may only download maps/materials/models/particles/sound"

you can only download maps, materials, models, particles and sounds. no resources