View Full Version : Tokens loss because of the 24-08-2016 bug

26-08-2016, 07:38 PM
Because of the 24-08-2016 bug, Tokens were not auto-generated, so I used tokens from another of my accounts.

The problem is that, when it has been fixed some time after, tokens were autogenerated, first I therefore got 4 tokens I don't need since the ones of my account were actually in use.

So from that point, I already lost 4 tokens, but now the problem is that when my servers restarted, it removed the tokens from my account to replace them with the new generated ones, which I wasn't going to use at all, but those are marked as "expired", so when my servers start, it says that the token I'm using is expired, that is why I had to generate even more tokens.

So because of this bug, I lost 7 tokens (1 out of the 4 first generated is not marked as expired, don't ask me why), since I wasn't going to use TokenStash for this banwave, and was waiting for a new one to switch back to TokenStash tokens.

Is there anything you could do? Because actually, my own account tokens are gonna be banned, and 7 tokens were generated for this single ban wave ( even if I don't have 7 tokens ).

Thanks in advance, account ID: 76561197960290369

Neuro Toxin
26-08-2016, 08:41 PM
The next time you login you will receive a gift for 3 tokens.

Edit: http://forums.aus-tg.com/showthread.php?694-Automatic-Token-Reconciliation&p=3031&viewfull=1#post3031