View Full Version : TokenStash Inventory Alert

24-08-2016, 04:27 AM
TokenStash Inventory alert posts to your linked steam profile if your account has under 10 tokens after automatic generation following a banwave.

To alert users if their current token stock is running low, without having to periodically check the site, which will in turn decrease bandwidth usage and mysql queries to the server.

1. Banwave
2. If autogen && user has > 10 tokens && !alertedalready
2.1 TRUE: Send alert
2.1.1 Steam bot -> Message to steamid/post on profile linked via openid -> sendmsg("[TokenStash] Hello, your stock of tokens is running low. You have x tokens remaining.", tokens) -> alertedalready = true
3. User repurchases tokens && tokens > 10 -> alertedalready = false

This way users who purchase large amounts of tokens can get alerts if their stock is low, while users running 1-2 servers can go about business as usual without being cluttered with strange alerts.