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28-07-2016, 03:14 AM
1- Sometimes my ts auto updater not working it gives this error :
************************************************** ****************
************************************************** ****************
*** LoadGameServerLoginToken...
*** BeginValidateGameServerLoginToken...
*** -> MySQL Error: Driver "mysql" not found
************************************************** ****************
But i did what i read on the website...

This is my databases.cfg file : http://hastebin.com/motixomami.1c

This is my sourcemod version : http://hastebin.com/fihazomano.sm

I reloaded both ts-auto-updater and dynamic but when i reload ts-auto-updater i get "MySQL Error: Driver "mysql" not found" error again.

2- Auto generator generates 17-18 minute after the banwave. Can you make it like 5-10 minutes ?

Neuro Toxin
28-07-2016, 09:23 AM

2: Due to restrictions on my web hosting, I can only run the auto generator every 15 minutes.

1: I dont think this is a plugin or sourcemod issue. I would start off by confirming a mysql driver is installed on the hosting machine. If this fails I would post at alliedmods while removing the TokenStash references.