View Full Version : [Suggestion] Add phone/email notifier on CS:GO token ban

09-07-2016, 12:55 PM
Hello this is just a small Quality of Life suggestion, as often times there are GSLT token bans without a CS:GO update my servers are usually not joinable for several hours until I notice that they're empty, if you could set up some sort of email/sms script to notify users that would be really useful, thanks :) or perhaps have an api avaliable that returns the ban dates in json so we could make our own notifier easy, thanks for reading.

Neuro Toxin
09-07-2016, 01:56 PM
A great suggestion.

I would prefer not to store any personal data for TokenStash members such as email addresses or phone numbers (purely for the protection of my valued members).

I would be happy to slap together an API to return the latest GSLT ban date.

I'm about to move to a new host for webhosting to expand user access as the current host highly restricts web access being a GSP.

I then plan to lower the token pricing to help communities as the banwave frequency has increased.

This means there is lots going on and working a demanding full-time job it's really hard to find the time.

Once you see the hosting has moved (through updated messages on the TokenStash website), if I haven't added an API for the last GSLT ban date, feel free to bump this thread.

21-07-2016, 09:30 AM
Bumping because i'd like you to slap together that api :D (unix timestamp pls)

Also another question while I'm at it. Do you ever plan to make it able to purchase more than 40 tokens for a better price? I'd honestly buy 100 tokens at a time or more if I could.

Neuro Toxin
21-07-2016, 02:28 PM
I've made a script to check for bans every 15 minutes. I plan to add a feature to auto generate x tokens and have the updater plugin query for new tokens every 15 minutes.

In relation to larger quanity purchases its off the table atm.