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28-03-2019, 08:34 AM
Good evening,

I have a big problem. First of all thank you very much for this service. In advance I apologize for my English, I am French.

So, I have two servers, with plugins. Since their installations, my two servers stop when I connect.

First connection: the loading stops, the server crash.

* Reboot *

Second connection: the server kick me and say "you can connect to this server only from a waiting room"

Third connection: I can join the server without worries, and from that moment, the players can join me.

What is the problem ?? it's the same problem for my two servers. I reset the tokens, ect, as I saw on the forum.

I really hope you can help me. I bought 100 tokens.

Thank you so much!

Neuro Toxin
28-03-2019, 06:16 PM
Hi Ryan,

I've checked you account. Everything is setup properly.

I dont believe your issue would be caused by the plugin.

Can you try disabling the plugin, and putting your tokens into the command line?

28-03-2019, 08:22 PM

After deactivating the plugin, in which file do you want me to put the tokens? I did not understand.

Maybe you want me to put my real steam tokens?

28-03-2019, 10:40 PM
Ok I found! It was not a plugin problem. It was a problem with the weapons & knife plugin. Thank you so much for your work. Long continuation to you!

Neuro Toxin
29-03-2019, 05:59 AM
Hi Ryan,

I'm happy you resolved your issue and thank you for letting me know.